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Garcinia Cambogia 60 caps

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Garcinia cambogia, a tropical fruit also known as the Malabar tamarind, is a popular weight-loss supplement. It blocks your body's ability to make fat and it puts the brakes on your appetite. It could help keep blood sugar and cholesterol levels in check, too.The peel of the fruit contains high amounts of hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which is the active ingredient believed to be responsible for most of the weight loss benefits . The active ingredient in the fruit's rind, hydroxycitric acid, or HCA, has boosted fat-burning and cut back appetite in studies. It appears to block an enzyme called citrate lyase, which your body uses to make fat.


Garcinia Cambogia health benefits Reduce Appetite . Block Fat Production and Reduce Belly Fat . Decreasing insulin levels . Decreasing leptin levels and Reducing Inflammaion . Improving blood sugar control and insulin senstivity .


As a dietary supplement, take one capsules two, three times daily, 30 minutes before meal with water. Warning : If you are pregnant nursing or taking any Medication, consult your doctor before use. No artificial color, flavors or preservative added, no chemical solvents .


Additional Informations These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult with your professional healthcare provider before changing any medication.