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Xtrememax Kit

10400.00    6760.00


XTREMEMAX KIT has all natural Supplement for a man which helps to preserves natural health, vigour, vitality & Virility by improving the metabolic system. Gives full strength & body resistance to men by removing their present day illness & establishing complete psychosomatic health.


Androgenic action of Ayur Premax improves the quality & quantity of semen. By it mild diuretic action it flushes out of the whole genitor urinary tract and keep it sterile and healthy. Ayur Premax also has appetizing and anti anemic action, its action on nervous system cures psychosexual impotency, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety & depression thus helping to achieve “FEEL GOOD” factor.


Xtrememax 60 Capsules – 1 Bottle Premax 60 Capsules – 2 Bottle Neomax 60 Calsules – 1 Bottle 1 Premax Capsule after Breakfast, 1 Neomax After Lunch and 1 Premax+1 Xtrememax after Dinner. Dosage should be taken with milk, water or fruit juice.


Please Note:- * For better results take regularly. Capsules are completely safe even on prolonged usage. * Results can be varied different person to persons.